About Us

Our vision is to respond to our clients quickly, SAFELY, and economically.

TLC Rail Services offers services in fixed-site and mobile railcar cleaning, storage, trans-loading, repair, and consulting with fixed-site locations strategically located throughout the Midwest.

TLC Rail Services is changing the face of the railcar cleaning industry by utilizing a combination of fixed-site, mobile, and consulting strategies paired with our innovative products and processes.  We ensure that every job is done right, on time, and economically.

Our on-site and mobile railcar cleaning services ensure that we are where our clients need us to be, reducing time railcars are out of commission for cleaning and working to help save them money.  We have developed proprietary products and processes that successfully clean the interior of railcars used to carry crude to “black light” standards.

Our number one priority at TLC Rail Services is safety.  All our employees go through extensive safety and on-the-job training to ensure that every job is done correctly, safely, and efficiently.  Our railcar cleaning services include the processing and disposal of any waste per EPA standards.

TLC Rail Services is a subsidiary of INSERV, Inc., a privately held company located in Mishawaka, Indiana that specializes in environmental, industrial, and construction services.