Executive / Management:

Dan Wilson, President and CEO – Dan has over 35 years’ experience in the industrial and environmental services business.  He has a degree in Industrial Safety Management from Indiana State University. Dan was an original partner in Seaboard Railcar Cleaning and Repair, which was purchased by Trinity in November of 2013.  He has been directly involved in rail tank car cleaning for over 20 years.

Terry Barker, Vice President – Terry oversees day to day activity of the rail car services business. He has an extensive background in field operations, service businesses, new construction, project, and business management. He has served as VP for one of the largest service / distributions firms as well as operating his own construction business.

Jason Speraw, Logistics and Account Manager – Jason has a B.A. from Indiana University at South Bend and a J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law. Jason has been a Mobile Crew Supervisor for INSERV at White Pigeon, MI and on numerous mobile projects for 3 years.

A.T. Kuhns, Geoscientist – A.T. has spent his career in oil exploration and production.  He has designed and built wellheads as well as been accountable for crude production at each of those facilities.  Most recently, he researched, compiled geologic and engineering data and constructed a 47-well oil production battery in Southwest Michigan.  A.T. brings his organic chemistry, petroleum engineering and crude oil processing safety expertise to INSERV for operations/production improvements, research and development, and commodity recovery.